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Boston Jobs

In centuries-old Boston, jobs steeped in history like state government and the legal profession meet new technology jobs, often spin-offs from research at the major universities. It?Äôs a city steeped in arts and culture, and Boston jobs include positions with world-class orchestras, ballet companies and theater organizations. Workers come to Boston to learn from the best as well as work for them. A big advantage of Boston is that rising stars don?Äôt have to leave town to reach the next level.

One if by Land, Two if by Sea

Students, academics, creative workers and office staff all head to the harbor or river to decompress from hectic city life. The Charles River separates Boston from the city of Cambridge, home to Harvard and MIT. This area hosts 250,000 students at its colleges and universities. Numerous opportunities for academic and non-academic positions are available including operations and facilities staff or specialties such as information technology, library science and public relations, set in Boston?Äôs vibrant academic communities.


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Boston Jobs in Healthcare and Medicine

Along Longwood Avenue and around the city, some of medicine?Äôs brightest practice and perform research. Undergraduate students can find ways to give their scientific career some traction in one of the many research laboratories, and Boston?Äôs medical schools and hospitals train a large portion of the states 2,500 medical students each year. Boston jobs for medical staff and technologists are so numerous that organizations work hard to help workers with

commute and other needs to ensure they have enough trained workers in areas such as imaging, laboratory work, nursing and medical assisting, and administration.

Expanding to the Suburbs

Companies in the cities and towns surrounding Boston are often extensions of university research as well. For example, on the Route 128 belt, there are leading medical technology companies, pharmaceutical research firms, surgical technology development firms, patient care equipment manufacturers and laboratory technology innovators.

With large corporations anchoring the Boston economy, a significant federal government jobs presence, and many higher education institutions looking for skilled workers, Boston has also recognized the balancing value of new companies in the local economy. The first Boston Startup Week was in 2017, and it looks like this historic city is full of new ideas and jobs for forward-looking workers.

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